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Childhood trauma: impact on development & behaviour


Picture of Childhood trauma: impact on development & behaviour
1.5 hours
Child and youth health
Publish Date
04 June 2018
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About this Course

This course reviews childhood trauma from cultural and biological perspectives.

The responses of children/tamariki to a traumatic event vary. Even children/tamariki exposed to the same traumatic event may have different responses. Nearly all children/tamariki express some kind of distress or behavioural change following a traumatic event.

At the end of this course you will:

  • understand the common types of trauma
  • have learned about the impact of trauma on child/tamariki development and behaviour
  • understand the role of resilience when addressing trauma
  • have considered the role of trauma for different cultures.


This content has been developed by Whāraurau, a national workforce development centre for infant, child and adolescent mental health, Uniservices Ltd, at the University of Auckland, in collaboration with Oranga Tamariki in April 2017.

Course Content

Childhood trauma Show activities
Childhood trauma
Childhood trauma quiz