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Prescribing for common infections


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2 hours
Publish Date
31 January 2018
01 10 September 2022
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About this Course

Provding information for primary health care professionals to enhance patient care around the use of antibiotics. 

Of relevance is the understanding that for many infections in primary care, antibiotics are discretionary, not mandatory, and in fact, many common bacterial conditions in primary care resolve without antibiotics.

By the end of this course you will:

  • Understand the current issues about antibiotic use in NZ.
  • Understand diagnostic considerations for antibiotic use, including knowing for which infections antibiotic treatment is mandatory.
  • Be able to recommend effective alternatives to antibiotic use.



This content has been developed by Professor Bruce Arroll  MBChB, PhD, FRNZCGP, Director of the Goodfellow Unit, Department of General Practice and Primary Health Care University of Auckland. It was reviewed in 2022 by Connie Kang BPharm(Hons).

Course Content

Prescribing for common infections Show activities
Prescribing for common infections