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Chronic Hepatitis C


Picture of Chronic Hepatitis C
1 hour
Publish Date
29 May 2024
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About this Course

Equipping you with simple and summarised guidance.

Chronic hepatitis C affects an estimated 25,000-35,000 New Zealanders, with perhaps 40% of people with hepatitis C not knowing they have it. Hepatitis C can cause liver cancer, liver failure, and death, so needs to be diagnosed and cured to avoid harm.

The course aims to equip you with a simple and summarised guidance around the following key areas relating to:

  • background on liver function and liver conditions including hepatitis C
  • risk factors
  • diagnosis
  • blood tests required
  • red flags/referral points
  • treatment – glecaprevir/pibrentasvir (Maviret) combination tablet
  • stigma
  • supporting the patient through treatment.

The course has been developed for a range of health practitioners. It could include details on areas some readers are very familiar with, and others are not. Spend time on the areas you need to learn most from. 

Nurses and Pharmacists wanting to provide glecaprevir/pibrentasvir without prescription must meet certain requirements as per the Nursing Council of New Zealand (for nurses) and the Pharmacy Council of New Zealand (for pharmacists).

Both pharmacists and nurses wanting to provide this service need to successfully complete two courses: this general course, as well as the follow up course, Hepatitis C: Implementing Non-Prescription Supply Through Nurses and Pharmacists specific to non-prescription supply. 

At the end of this course there is a test on completion where a 100% mark needs to be achieved to pass. You can have multiple attempts at the tests. When you successfully complete the course please download your certificate as evidence and store it safely. Both courses need evidence of successful completion for this credentialling by the Pharmacy Council of New Zealand and the Nursing Council of New Zealand.


Content created by Dr Natalie Gauld (ONZM DipPharm MPharm PhD FPS) and Jo de Lisle (RN and Hepatitis C Programme Manager, Te Manawa Taki, Health New Zealand | Te Whatu Ora), with expert review and input from Professor Ed Gane (Deputy Director, New Zealand Liver Transplant Unit and Chair of the National Hepatitis C Oversight Group), review by Nancy Carey (Community Hepatitis C Nurse Co-ordinator), the Hepatology Nurses Group, the Nursing Council of New Zealand and the Pharmacy Council of New Zealand.

Course Content

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Chronic Hepatitis C
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