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Certifying work capacity after injury



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1 hour
Publish Date
28 July 2023
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About this Course

Supporting GPs in completing work capacity certificates.

General Practitioners have asked for ACC's support in prescribing better medical certification. Accordingly, this short course is for clinicians who regularly complete work capacity certificates.

Research indicates a successful recovery at, or return to work relies on a team-based model of care, with input from a range of disciplines. ACC provides a range of support to enable your patient to access the right care at the right time as they progress through: 

  • acute injury, 
  • treatment, 
  • recovery, 
  • return to independence, 
  • as well as supporting you to fully assess and plan their recovery.

This topic is intended to encourage further reflection, study, and learning. It aims to provide you with the skills and confidence to provide safe work capacity certification through a model of care that is grounded by evidence.


This content has been compiled by Paul Abernethy, BA, RPN, RGoN, Strategic Partner ACC and Dr Penny Warring BHB.MBChB.DipComEmMed. FRNZCUC.FRNZCGP Clinical Advice Manager, ACC. 

Course Content

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Certifying work capacity after injury
Certifying work capacity after injury quiz