What's new in sex education

Date Published: 
Wednesday, April 21, 2021

In this episode we talk to Dr Claire Meehan about her work with young people across NZ to understand how they engage with sexual media.



  • 00:39 how common is it for a teenager to engage in sexual media
  • 05:10 reasons young people engage with sexual media
  • 06:39 Education in schools
  • 09:21 The good side
  • 10:55 level of detail and availability of material
  • 15:18 Sexting
  • 19:10 what conversations should we be having with our young people
  • 21:37 image based sexual abuse
  • 24:40 conversations as a GP
  • 26:11 referrals
  • 27:32 take home messages

Take-home messages

  • Sexual media is here to stay.
  • Have open and honest questions.
  • Consent can be a complex topic.
  • Offer support no mater what.





Dr Claire Meehan
Academic criminologist

Claire is a lecturer in criminology at the university in Auckland, specialising in sex and sexuality. She works with young people across NZ to understand how they engage with sexual media.



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