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Retirement- a Bright Beacon or an Oncoming Train?

Retirement- a Bright Beacon or an Oncoming Train?

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Whether you are 30 years away from retirement or are looking forward to winding out soon, it's never too late to start planning for your future.

Thinking about what you Can't Do is Worry.

Thinking about what you Can Do is Planning.

In our presentation, MFAS will provide insight in how to achieve your objectives through  straightforward and manageable strategies, be this a savings plan for building wealth or a spending  plan to last throughout your retirement.  We will illustrate how to:

  • identify your goals
  • structure the assets that you have available to meet these goals
  • follow a process to stay on track.

Simplicity in approach, understanding the decisions that you can make and the likely outcomes of  these decisions are key ingredients to your future success. We will explain our tried and true methods for successful retirement planning and with over 50 years combined experience assisting medical professionals, have confidence that these are sustainable.

This session is information focussed and not structured as a promotion for our company. Rather we will broadly define a financial pathway forward, and provide base ideas to assist you with sound investment management tools. We aim to include rather than baffle!