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Rajan Patel

Head and Neck Surgeon


Rajan is the New Zealand Convener for World Head & Neck Cancer Day. He has been involved in Head and Neck Cancer treatment for 20 years.

He qualified as Consultant Head and Neck Surgeon in 2005. He was awarded Doctor of Medicine (MD) Diploma by the University of Glasgow for his research efforts in 2005. Thereafter he completed three years of Fellowship training in Head & Neck Surgery and Reconstructive Surgery in Toronto and Sydney.

He was appointed Consultant Surgeon at Auckland City Hospital in 2009 and is Clinical Lead Surgeon at Auckland Head & Neck Surgery, which he established with Mark Izzard in 2010.

Rajan‘s clinical expertise includes surgical management of thyroid gland nodules, salivary gland tumours, neck lumps, head and neck cancers (including larynx, pharynx and oral cavity) and facial skin cancer and melanoma, and tissue reconstruction.

Rajan has published more than 40 articles in scientific journals and written several book chapters on head and neck surgery. He is part of the MercyAscot Head & Neck Service team.