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Suzanne Henwood

Neuroscience based coach and counsellor

Suzanne is a neuroscience based coach and counsellor, using an integrated tool kit to support clients with stress and anxiety and nervous system regulation. She is a Global Trainer, author, speaker and coach and with a background in academia (an Associate Professor in Health and Social Sciences for nearly a decade in NZ) she ensures her work is current and evidence based – and she is still active herself in research in the field. Suzanne co published ‘The Ultimate Gratitude Journal’ in 2022 and is currently finalising a new text on the neuroscience of using breath work in coaching. 

She holds certifications in ACT (including ACT for Trauma and Depression), IDT – Interactive Drawing Therapy (including IDT for Trauma and Spirituality), NLP (she is an NLP trainer), mBraining (She is one of two Master Trainers in mBIT Globally), Time Line Therapy, Havening, Polyvagal Informed Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy for Severe Anxiety and Depression, Existential Coaching, Map of Meaning, Emotional Culture Deck, Refocusing Counselling and Heart Math.  In 2022 she was a finalist in the ANLP Awards for Research and Education.

She works largely in the field of stress and anxiety and deep self-connection and belief, working with a GP Practice to offer a neuroscience-based, integrated approach to wellbeing. Her company is mBraining4Success, and she works globally.