GUINZ; most children ok but some are not

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GUINZ; most children ok but some are not

Growing Up in New Zealand (GUINZ) is a New Zealand cohort study of 6,853 children recruited during pregnancy, represents the current New Zealand birth population, and followed for eight years so far.1,2

  • 80% of children are doing well according to their mothers, and 20% not doing so well.
  • 12% of pregnant women suffer postnatal depression symptoms, and 8% in their child’s first year of life. 20% get professional help.
  • 5% of male partners also had postnatal depression symptoms, and commonly this increased the chances their partners also did.
  • Bullying is reported by mothers of 33% of pre-schoolers, and by the children themselves at 8 years. 35% report being bullied regularly (14% weekly).
  • 4% of children witness their parents’ physical violence, and 10% witness their parents’ psychological violence.
  • 5% of the children have moved house at least once before they are eight years old.


  1. Susan Morton: Growing Up in NZ 2021  View on Youtube
  2. Now we are eight. GUINZ (2021) View pdf

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