Programme overview


Pre-symposium Workshops (Friday 23 March 2018)


Morning Session

$300 for full day 

(Special rate of $100 for nurses, GP registrars and full time students for full day)​

Half day: $150 

(Special rate of $50 for nurses, GP registrars and full time students for half day)

Focussed Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (FACT)

Session 1 with Bruce Arroll

The morning session is an introduction to FACT.


Afternoon Session

Half day: $150 

(Special rate of $50 for nurses, GP registrars and full time students for half day)

Focussed Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (FACT)

Session 2 with Bruce Arroll

This is the follow on session from the morning and will deal with “beyond the basics”

8.00am - 12pm


Advanced care life support (ACLS) Lvl 5
Geoff Sim & Craige Mayo

1.00pm - 5pm

$340 Advanced care life support (ACLS) Lvl 5 (Repeat of morning session)
Geoff Sim & Craige Mayo


All day

$550 (Friday workshop only)

$500 (if part of full weekend registration)

Skin lesion and dermatoscopy workshop
Amanda Oakley


Afternoon Session

$250 Elective skin surgical skills for your practice next Monday (MAXIMUM 30)
Rajan Patel, Mark Izzard, Kevin Smith


Afternoon Session

$250 Management of acute and chronic wounds in primary care
Zac Moaveni and Venu Bhamidi


Afternoon Session


Musculoskeletal examinations: A practical workshop for primary care clinicians

Jeremy StanleySteve Kara, Phil Clark & Jay Jayaraman

Please note:

  • This programme is subject to change.
  • Clinic attendance at the Symposium does not need to be pre-booked, participation will be on first come first served basis. 
  • Space is limited for some clinics - see programme for maximum numbers admitted.



Programme Day 1 (Saturday 24 March 2018)
from 07.00 Registration


GSK Breakfast 1: New approaches in the management of COPD with Assoc/Prof Robert Young

Sanofi Breakfast 2: The determinants of the determinants impacting on the health of Pacific Peoples in Aotearoa with Dr Api Talemaitoga


Welcome and Keynote presentation

The human brain is not designed for thinking with Bruce Arroll


 Updates  Important advances in cardiology: When should a patient get a treadmill test, stress echocardiogram, CT or invasive coronary angiogram?
Chris Ellis
General 1 Spinal pain - The evolution of disc injury from cradle to grave. How to prevent deterioration
Giresh Kanji
General 2 Neck lumps and oral ulcers- which should I refer?
Mark Izzard, Rajan Patel, Kevin Smith
 RNZCUC Urgent Care Clinic access in New Zealand is increasing but how else to assess quality? -  Learnings from Auckland
Matt Wright
 Pathways Vascular disease pathway
Venu Bhamidi
10.25-10.55 Morning tea

Updates Prescribing for weight loss
Pauline McQuoid
General 1 Can you just whip this off doc? Tips and tricks to office based minor surgery
Samantha Murton
 General 2 Tips and traps of buying into a medical practice
Leicester Gouwland
 RNZCUC Hand and finger injuries
Sandy Deo
Pathways Transgender pathway
Jeanie Oliphant

Updates First-aid dental for primary care 
Kim Gear
General 1 Knee replacement – how to delay it and what to do when it goes wrong
Simon Young, Mark Fulcher
 General 2 ACC Treatment Injury: when to lodge a claim, surgical mesh-related claim insights, (and everything in between)
Peter Robinson, Charles Smith
RNZCUC Ultrasound to mitigate uncertainty in clinical diagnosis
Kelvin Ward
Pathways Heart pathway
Fraser Hamilton
1.00-1.55 Lunch

 Updates News on MSM sexual health and combined HIV prevention
Massimo Giola, Torrance Merkle
 General 1 Sleep apnoea: Partners as partners-in-care
Kim Ward
 General 2 Glaucoma - an area of darkness?
Shenton Chew
 RNZCUC Back pain and spinal trauma -best practice 
Johnathon Richards
Pathways Asthma & Paracetamol
Stuart Dalziel
2.55-3.05 Changeover

Updates Driving in the elderly
David Spriggs
General 1 Family violence: Becoming free of violence
Vic Tamati
General 2 Access to musculoskeletal (MSK) MRI for GPs – where’s the catch?
Stephen Kara, Margaret Macky
RNZCUC Medicolegal issues relating to urgent and unplanned care
Andrew Stacey
General 3 My patient has neck/back pain
Patrick Schweder
3.55-4.30 Afternoon tea

Updates CVD consensus statement
Fraser Hamilton
General 1 Common presentations of rectal bleeding in primary care and red flags
Nagham Al-Mozany
 General 2
Healthy hearts need structured care and self management support

Andy McLachlan
 RNZCUC “Love Bites” The management of mammalian bite injuries in New Zealand 
David Sorrell
General 3 Spotting the child with autism/ADHD and other behavioural anomalies
Helen Temperton
 5.30-7.00pm Networking with canapes and drinks
6.00-7.00pm RNZCUC Annual General Meeting


Programme Day 2 (Sunday 25 March 2018)

Pfizer Breakfast 1: Supporting smoking cessation in COPD with Dr Stephen Child

Radiant Health Breakfast 2: The importance of using tools beyond lifestyle in managing obesity with Professor John Dixon


Keynote  Nikki Turner & Tony Dowell  - "Game of Unknowns: The struggle between evidence and personal stories

Updates Surgical pearls for primary care clinicians
Zac Moaveni
General 1 Practical management of chronic pain disorders - headache, migraine, fibromyalgia and spinal pain
Giresh Kanji
 General 2 Diagnosis and management of neuromuscular conditions
Richard Roxburgh
 General 3 The woman in pain - practical management in primary care
Anil Sharma
RNZCUC  Research in Urgent care - Short presentations by each of the three fellows funded by the College in 2017/18
Steve Adams, Stuart Ekdahl, Ivan Koayi
10.25-10.55 Morning tea

 Updates Eating disorders
Marion Roberts
General 1 Feet turn in, feet turn out: who cares?
Andrew Graydon
General 2 Nurse prescribing
Karen Hoare
General 3 Foot & ankle pain
Matt Debenham 
RNZCUC Primary Options Auckland. Current and future initiatives to keep patients out of hospital.
Helen Liley, Sarah Hyder

Updates Millstones and milestones in managing pancreatitis
John Windsor
General 1 Dementia - a clinical update
Ngaire Kerse, Kathy Peri
General 2 Psychotropic medication - friend, foe or both
David Menkes, Andrea Bates, Bruce Arroll
General 3 Common shoulder conditions seen in primary care
Adam Durrant
RNZCUC Acute dermatology complaints and their management
Maneka Deo
1.00-1.55 Lunch

 Updates Common vascular problems in primary care
Venu Bhamidi
General 1 Is it IBS or IBD?
Maggie Chapman-Ow
General 2 A simplified approach to common urology conditions
Andrew Williams, Andrew Leinert, Simon van Rij
General 3 How do you make sense of breast cancer management in the 21st century?
Issac Cranshaw
General 4 Hear, now and later - current research linking hearing loss and dementia
Michelle Wong



Updates Prescribing Update
Bruce Arroll, Linda Bryant


Please note: This programme is subject to change
  • Clinic attendance at the Symposium does not need to be pre-booked, participation will be on first come first served basis. 
  • Space is limited for some clinics - see programme for maximum numbers admitted.