March 2022 Programme

25th - Workshops (Fri)
26th - Symposium Day 1 (Sat)
27th - Symposium Day 2 (Sun)

Pre-symposium workshop


Programme Saturday 26 March

Breakfast sessions

1. The role of Cardiovascular risk assessment and prevention in patients with Type 2 diabetes: A New Zealand perspective with Prof Rinki Murphy

2. COPD management: A survey of real-world prescribing in NZ  with A/Professor Rob Young

8.30am Welcome and housekeeping

Keynote presentation

Compassion is not easy - Tony Fernando


9.35- 10.15 Update Roadmap for STI prevention in Aotearoa
Massimo Giola
Update No one should die of melanoma
Chris Boberg
RNZCUC The design of a medical system for the International Space Station
Kira Bacal
MercyAscot Endometriosis management: How can we do better?
Michael Wynn Williams
10.15-10.30 Break

Update Gone for good: Practical strategies to reduce the risk of recurrent depression
Rob Shieff
Update Why can’t my child sleep?
Alex Bartle
RNZCUC Diving emergencies: knowing what to do
Simon Mitchell
MercyAscot Pearls and pitfalls of cardiothoracic patient management
Indran Ramanathan
11.55-11.30 Break

Update Doing better with Māori patients
Matire Harwood
Update Benefits to GP practices of nurse practitioners
Chelsea Willmott
RNZCUC Paediatric orthopaedics; managing simple injuries
Theresa Bidwell
MercyAscot Management of common urological presentations
Andrew Williams & Simon Van Rij
12.15-1.15 Lunch with Ryan Paul and Micaela Molinero: Type 2 Diabetes: Cardio-renal-metabolic complications, prevention and management

 Update Functional neurological disorder
Matthew Phillips
Update The conservative management of joint pain
Giresh Kanji
Bridget Dicker
MercyAscot Saxenda, balloon, sleeve or bypass: what is the best weight loss intervention?
Grant Beban & Nicholas Evennett
2.00-2.15 Break

Update Psoriasis: what can we actually do about it?
AJ Seine
Update “Stop - I can’t breathe!” - Getting to grips with strangulation
Clare Healy
 RNZCUC Low-acuity patients discharged at the scene by paramedics
Verity Todd
MercyAscot The itchy and scratchy bottom: Tips on management
Nagham Al-Mozany
3.00-3.15 Break
3.15-4.00 Update Partnering with parents
Melanie Woodfield
Rapid updates
  1. The Lightning Process training - Jenny Oliver
  2. Drivers licence medicals - Lucy Gibberd
 RNZCUC The use of paracetamol and Ibuprofen in young infants
Stuart Dalziel
MercyAscot Incidental upper abdominal lesions – HPB, spleen, stomach – what lies beneath
Peter Carr- Boyd
 4pm Virtual networking 


Programme Sunday 27 March

Breakfast sessions

1. SHINGRIX: Advancing Shingles Prevention in New Zealand with Jenny Visser and Kim Robb

2. Heart failure management with Shakiya Ershad

8.30am Overview of the day
8.40am Keynote presentation

Making me and my patients more resilient: thriving and bouncing back from change, challenge and stress - Edmond Otis

9.25-9.30 Break

Update Don't get hung up about telehealth
Liza Lack
Update Two tips to reduce New Zealand’s paediatric allergy burden
Shannon Brothers
 Lifestyle medicine Intro to LM and mental health
Sam Manger
MercyAscot Skin lesions
Rajan Patel
10.15-10.30 Break

Update Type 2 diabetes and CVD
Rod Jackson
Update Gender affirming healthcare tips
Rona Carroll
Lifestyle medicine Helping happiness
Darren Morton
MercyAscot An update on the treatment of the arthritic knee
Mark Clatworthy
11.15-11.30 Break

Update The road ahead for Pacific health
Aniva Lawrence
Update Porn and young people in Aotearoa
Nikki Denholm
Lifestyle medicine Creating an impact in every health consult
Kim Poyner
MercyAscot Dr, my back is killing me
John Ferguson

1. Lunch with Dr. Lisa Alvarez Connell: Atopic Dermatitis: what role do ceramides play in a healthy skin barrier

2. Lunch with Drs David Grolman and Pasquale Gargiulo: An overview of active primary care treatment of COVID-19

1.15-2.00 Rapid updates
  1. Osteoporosis management - Ian Reid
  2. Cannabis tips for budding prescribers - Graham Gulbransen
 Update ADHD across the lifespan
James Gardiner
Lifestyle medicine Dementia and ageing
Kate Gregorevic
MercyAscot Hip and knee arthritis: the patient journey and recent developments
Jacob Munro & Paul Monk


2.15-3.00 Update Helping night owls sleep - interventions for teens
Dan Ford
Update Prescribing update
Linda Bryant, Bruce Arroll
Update ACC primary care concussion pathway
Andre Sintmaartensdyk


This programme is subject to change



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