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Sports-related concussion



Picture of Sports-related concussion
1 hour
Sports medicine
Publish Date
02 February 2016
01 06 September 2022
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About this Course

Sports-related head injuries and concussion can be difficult to assess and manage.


After completing this short course, you should:

  • Be familiar with the definition of concussion.
  • Understand the principles discussed in the ACC National Concussion Guidelines.
  • Be able to assess and manage a patient who presents following a head injury.
  • Be able to distinguish between head injuries which are likely to resolve spontaneously and those which require emergency referral and further treatment.
  • Have an understanding of the acute management of sports-related concussion.
  • Safely manage a persons return to school, work and sport including the use of appropriate testing tools.
  • Have an awareness of the long-terms effects of repeated head injuries.


This content was created by Dr Helen Joyce Fulcher MBChB, DipPaed, PGCertHSc(Sports Med).

Course Content

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Sports-related concussion
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