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Parkinson’s Disease - Mate pākenetana



Picture of Parkinson’s Disease - Mate pākenetana
1 hour
Publish Date
07 July 2022
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About this Course

Gain a better understanding of Parkinson's Disease.

For primary care clinical staff who would like to gain a better understanding of Parkinson's Disease (PD), its management throughout the various stages and treatment modalities.

At the end of this module, you'll understand the basic pathophysiology of Parkinson’s, the progressive stages of the condition, risk factors, how differential diagnosis is made,  as well as a clear understanding of common symptoms and complications with associated management strategies. 


The content was developed by Tammy Ramsey-Evans (RN, MPH) on behalf of Parkinson's New Zealand Charitable Trust and reviewed by Prof Tim Anderson, Clinical Director, New Zealand Brain Institute.

Course Content

Parkinson’s Disease - Mate pākenetana Show activities
Parkinson’s Disease - Mate pākenetana
Parkinson's short quiz