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Asthma management in children



Picture of Asthma management in children
1.5 hours
Publish Date
20 July 2020
01 11 February 2023
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About this Course

Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease of the respiratory tract. New Zealand has one of the highest reported cases of asthma globally, with the prevalence of asthma highest amongst children and young adults.

It is dominant amongst Māori and Pacific children.

This short course incorporates:

Following completion of this short course you will:

  • Understand diagnostic assessment by age group
  • Understand non-pharmacological aspects of asthma management
  • Manage pharmacological treatment of asthma in a step wise approach
  • Know how to manage acute asthma in primary care and red flags for referral
  • Understand the factors that contribute to inequalities in asthma health outcomes.

Note that this module covers assessment and management for children aged under 12 years. The assessment and management of adolescents is outside the scope of the module.



Content created by Dr Grace Lee, FRNZCGP, MBCHB, BSc, DipTravMed, with specialist review by Dr Rebecca Alekzander, Paediatrician at Kidz First Children’s Hospital & Community Health. Clinical Lead Inpatient Service.

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Asthma in children
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