Transgender health

Date Published: 
Monday, January 22, 2018

Julie Watson and Joey MacDonald talk about transgender health. Julie works as an educator and as programme lead for Silver Rainbow and has many years of experience working with LGBTI communities.

Joey works as an educator and as a community liaison for mental health services at Auckland District Health Board. Providing information and resources to staff and people accessing services.



  • terminology and gender identity
  • New Zealand population stats
  • experiencing concerning health and wellbeing disparity
  • myths and stereotypes
  • has the concept of transgender been over medicalised?
  • specific health issues that transgender people face at different stages of life
  • how do we make our practices transgender friendly?
  • New transgender pathway.

Take home message

  • View every human being as a unique person.
  • Be self aware.



Joey MacDonald 
Educator, programme lead

To contact Joey Click here.

Julie Watson
Programme lead, Silver Rainbow

To contact Julie Click here.

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