What dying people want - David Kuhl

Date Published: 
Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Professor David Kuhl reflects upon about what dying people want, and overviews points from his research: What is the lived experience of knowing that you have a terminal illness. David is a Professor in the Department of Family Practice and Urologic Sciences, Faculty of Medicine at the University of British Columbia.



  • what GP's need to be aware of when dealing with dying people
  • the therapeutic value of people 'telling their own story"
  • the concept of iatrogenic suffering
  • communicating the diagnosis
  • summary of key points from Professor Kuhl's research.

Take home messages 

  • 'Who am I?' & 'What do I want?' are the main questions people consider upon knowing they are dying.
  • Give patients enough time to talk (within the consultation).
  • Any interaction with patients will be more than just pain management and symmptom relief.
  • For each patient you see ask them a question about who they are, to take them out of the context of illness and disease.




Prof. David Kuhl
Family Practice and Urologic Sciences

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