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Coexisting problems in taiohi (youth)

Identify, assess and provide assistance in the treatment of substance abuse that affects the mental wellbeing of taiohi.

Foundations in ICAMH 4: Supporting the wellbeing of infants, children and youth

The course is aimed at workers in primary level, NGO and ICAMHS services.

Mild cognitive impairment; diagnosis and management

Primary care physicians play a crucial role in the detection and management of MCI that potentially could be life-changing to the individual.

Parkinson’s Disease - Mate pākenetana

Gain a better understanding of Parkinson's Disease.

Acute low back pain

Acute low back pain is common and can occur without any definite event or injury.

Radial head fractures

Fractures of the radial head are common, they are seen in 20% of all acute elbow injuries and make up one-third of all elbow fractures.

Knee injuries: acute management

Acute knee injuries are common, especially in sports that involve twisting movements and sudden changes of direction.

Shoulder injuries: acute management

Shoulder injuries are common in primary care and can be difficult to correctly diagnose and manage.

Jadelle®: Progesterone-only implant contraception

To enable women requesting contraception and enable them to make informed choices about managing their fertility.

Paediatric fever management

Fever is defined as a temperature greater than 38.0°C.

Respiratory infections in children

In this responsible prescribing video presentation, our specialists discuss the management of respiratory illness in children.

Shoulder instability

How to diagnose, investigate and manage patients with primary and recurrent shoulder instability.  

Prescribing for common infections

Provding information for primary health care professionals to enhance patient care around the use of antibiotics. 

Sleep and pain

This course will provide an overview of the relationship between sleep and pain.

Insomnia: diagnosis & treatment

How to effectively assess and manage a patient with insomnia, including the management of chronic insomnia disorder.