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Adult transgender patient care

In this webinar, Rona Carroll and Jennifer Shields cover the latest in healthcare for Aotearoa's trans and non-binary community.

Jennifer will cover:

  • Key statistics around Aotearoa's trans and non-binary community, our healthcare needs, and barriers to accessing care.
  • Protective factors for the health and wellbeing of trans and non-binary people.
  • Language and terms relating to the LGBTQIA+ community - and what to do/how to ask when someone uses terms or pronouns that are new to you.
  • Practical tips for allyship and things attendees can put into practice to build more welcoming and accessible healthcare environments for your trans and non-binary patients.

Rona will overview:

  • What is gender affirming healthcare and what is available in Aotearoa?
  • How to support your trans and non-binary patients’ healthcare needs.
  • Tips for repeat prescribing of gender affirming hormone therapy (GAHT).
  • An update on primary care-led GAHT initiation.

As always, we will answer as many questions as time permits.


Primary Care Gender Affirming Hormone Therapy Initiation Guidelines



Rona Carroll (she/her)


Rona is a GP with a special interest in transgender healthcare, and a senior lecturer at the University of Otago. Rona has been working in youth health for over 10 years and currently works in gender affirming healthcare within a student health service, with a focus on initiating gender affirming hormone therapy using an informed consent model.

In her academic work, Rona teaches medical students, leads research projects relating to gender affirming primary health care, and has led the writing of the Primary Care Gender Affirming Hormone Therapy Initiation Guidelines.


Jennifer Shields

Jennifer Shields (she/her)

Jennifer is Interim Director at Qtopia and Rainbow People Health & Wellbeing Advisor at Pegasus Health. She's been working in trans community advocacy for the last 10 years, with a special focus on healthcare and gender-affirming care.

As part of the Waitaha Transgender Health Working Group, she's been involved in the development of new pathways and services in Waitaha Canterbury, and, more recently, is a co-author in the new national Primary Care Gender Affirming Hormone Therapy Initiation Guidelines.