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Supporting patients with lived-experience of trauma

Anna Elders introduces the concept of trauma-informed care and how trauma screening and a trauma-informed approach can limit ongoing negative sequelae of trauma over the lifespan, helping to improve patient’s quality of life and health outcomes.




Anna Elders

Mental health nurse practitioner and cognitive behavioural therapist

Anna has been supporting clients with a lived experience of trauma for twenty years in a variety of roles within forensic, inpatient, child and adolescent, primary care and trauma-focused mental health services.

Anna became interested in the concept of trauma-informed care on her return home to New Zealand and began incorporating it into her teaching at the University of Auckland and within a national training programme, she became involved in focused on reducing seclusion and restraint use within inpatient units. She works in practice for Tamaki Health PHO and is the clinical lead for the free online eCBT tool, Just a Thought.