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What's New: Measles, Jaundice in infants, and AUB

Following from the NRHCC webinars, Te Whatu Ora presents a series of webinars to support primary care. These will focus on clinical updates to promote integrated care.

While this webinar focuses on the Tamaki Makaurau locality, there is still national relevance in the topics.

This webinar will cover:

  • Measles - Drs Rebekah Doran and Sharon Sime will provide an update on how to manage measles in clinical practice.
  • Jaundice in infants -  Rebecca Hayman, Consultant Paediatrician will discuss the management of jaundice in infants.
  • The Abnormal Uterine Bleeding Audit - Sue Tutty will discuss recent learnings from the AUB Audit.
  • Clinical updates - Sue Tutty and Luke Luk will discuss evolving clinical updates.