Bath emollient additives probably not effective for childhood eczema

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Bath emollient additives probably not effective for childhood eczema

An RCT of children aged 1 to 11 years with atopic dermatitis (children with mild eczema and who bathed less than once per week were excluded) were randomised to emollient bath additives for 12 months and a control group asked not to use additives.1 As all outcomes
were either reported by participants or collected on a clinical record review template, the outcomes were not blindly assessed.

The additives included Oilatum (63% light liquid paraffin), Balneum (85% soya oil) or Aveeno (contents not given) to be used regularly at parental discretion. There was a range of the number of baths per week from 1-2 (32% of group) through to ≥ 7 (14%).

Overall there was no benefit on any of the outcomes. The authors advise to stop using bath emollients but to keep using leave-on emollients and to use them as soap substitutes.


  1. Emollient bath additives for the treatment of childhood eczema (BATHE): multicentre pragmatic parallel group randomised controlled trial of clinical and cost effectiveness. BMJ (2018) Click here

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As published in NZ Doctor 09/10/2019