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Cannabis with CBD and THC may be effective for chronic insomnia

Twenty-four patients with chronic insomnia (no other cause found), average age 53 years,  were given cannabis liquid CBD+CBN+THC {THC = hallucinogen component} for two weeks with one-week washout and crossed over to the placebo arms in random order.Compared to placebo, sleep latency improved by 8.45 minutes, total sleep time increased by 64.6 minutes and 33.4 as measured by objective actigraphy. Adverse effects were mild and wore off quickly in the morning. There were no serious adverse effects. 

The active medication was THC/CBN/CBD; 3/0.3/0.15mg. There is no equivalent medication in NZ, but Dr Graham Gulbransen notes their subjects used THC 10 or 20mg, and he uses Tilray 10/10 (CBD/THC),  i.e. 1 – 2ml per day. However, NZ patients receive relatively more CBD and no CBN. He uses this for chronic pain, emotional distress and insomnia. 

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