Great patient aspirin decision aid for primary prevention of CVD

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 A great patient aspirin decision aid for primary prevention of CVD

The online aspirin bleeding risk calculator tool, created by Dr. Vanessa Selak’s team (Auckland University), helps estimate a patient’s own 5-year risk of a cardiovascular disease (CVD) event and the risk of a major bleed for primary prevention patients with and without aspirin.1,2 This enables the clinician to show the patient estimates of the benefits and harms of taking aspirin.

The tool informs and helps patients decide on taking aspirin, as it is a decision that only they can make. It takes into account if the patient is on medications and/or has co-morbid health conditions that can influence bleeding and CVD events.

It is based on a New Zealand cohort of 245,028 patients. The data may not be relevant to patients in countries outside of New Zealand.


  1. Asprin Bleeding Risk Calculator View here
  2. Personalized Prediction of Cardiovascular Benefits and Bleeding Harms From Aspirin for Primary Prevention: A Benefit–Harm Analysis. Ann Intern Med (2019). View here

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