Long covid in patients who were not hospitalised

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Long covid in patients who were not hospitalised

This is from an Arizona cohort of 303 non-hospitalised patients.1 While some patients recover quickly, persistent symptoms are not uncommon. All patients had a positive covid test and were followed for a median of 61 days (range 30 to 250).

The paper reports on 28 symptoms. After 30 days, fatigue was reported in 37.5% of patients, and after 60 days, it was 47.1% (some lost to follow up). For breathlessness for those time periods, it was 37.5% and 45.5%. The 5th most common symptom was changes in smell or taste, 26.4% and 24.8. High blood pressure was present in 11.1% and 14.1%, respectively. The median number of symptoms was 3 (range 1 to 20).

The response rate to the initial questionnaire was 55.8% and was completed by 24/2/2021, so it is not clear if this included the delta variant.


  1. Post-acute sequelae of COVID-19 in a non-hospitalized cohort: Results from the Arizona CoVHORT. Plos One (2021)   View here

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