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Primary care weight loss study results in 46% getting remission from diabetes

In a RCT of a weight management programme, 46% of 306 participants remitted from their diabetes at one year (i.e. HBA1c <48 mmol/mol after being off medication for at least 2 months).1

The intervention was done by a nurse/ dietitian in general practice after 8 hours of structured training. Weight loss was by a total diet replacement phase using a low energy formula diet (825-853 Kcal/day) 59% carbohydrate, 13% fat, 26% protein, 2% fibre for 3 months extended up to 5 months, followed by structured food reintroduction for 2-8 weeks. Patients needed to be diagnosed with diabetes in the past 6 years; be aged 20-65 and BMI 27 to 45.

The intervention group had their BP and diabetes medication stopped. The weight loss was 10 kg (intervention) vs 1.0 kg (control). A quarter of those invited came into the study.

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