Stop using Augmentin. Bring back the Augmentin-free office

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Stop using Augmentin. Bring back the Augmentin-free office 

The only first-line indications for Augmentin are human/animal bites or diabetic foot ulcers (with cellulitis), yet there were over 400,000 prescriptions for Augmentin in 2017 (12% of the population).1 The good news is that  use has reduced from 14% to 12% since 2015, a reduction of 61,000 people. However, DHB variation is greater than two-fold, ranging from 8 to 17%

Many conditions, including COPD exacerbations, Sinusitis, Acute otitis media and Strep throat (in most areas) can be managed without antibiotics. Where antibiotics are indicated, Amoxicillin is the first-line antibiotic for community-acquired pneumonia and prophylaxis of infective endocarditis prior to invasive dental procedure.2

Consider running an 'Augmentin-free office' where you must get a colleague’s permission to prescribe Augmentin. It really slows things down and results in better prescribing (some of the recommendations have changed since 2007).3 


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As published in NZ Doctor 31/07/2019