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Tiny habits - a new way to change behaviour

Dr BJ Fogg, from Stanford University, says that you cannot rely on motivation to develop good habits.1 They have to be nurtured, start off small, and find a place where they fit well in your life. He describes how he increased his exercise using his tiny habit 'ABC'.

  • A = Anchor: Figure out where this could fit in your life e.g. the bathroom.
  • B = Behaviour: Do two push-ups every time you go to the bathroom (always start small, so do not need much motivation to do). You can do more than two if you want.
  • C = Cheer: This is the shine step where you cheer yourself after doing B. Do this however you do it when your favourite team scores a point e.g. fist pump, or smile or cheer.

He says this has not been used for people with drugs and alcohol problems.


  1. BJ Fogg: Using baby steps to form healthy habits.

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