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T2D: Why not just eat nutrient dense food?

 Or more specifically: Why not just eat nutrient-dense food that doesn’t increase your blood sugar? 

In his presentation on drug-free remission of type 2 diabetes, David will deal with the ‘nuts and bolts’ of his approach that has helped 141 of his patients achieve remission. To date, 141 of his patients with type 2 diabetes have achieved drug-free remission. This gives a remission rate of 50% at 30 months duration of those choosing a lower carb diet. This equates to a remission rate of over 24% of the diabetic population of the entire practice. One of the best results for any clinic in the world.

Those interested can hopefully replicate what his team has done. Much of this presentation will be based on the BMJ Nutrition 2023 publication: Unwin D, Delon C, Unwin J, Tobin S, Taylor R. What predicts drug-free type 2 diabetes remission? Insights from an 8-year general practice service evaluation of a lower carbohydrate diet with weight loss. BMJ Nutrition, Prevention &Health, while also touching on some of the international evidence for this low carb approach.

As always, we will answer as many questions as possible during this session.


David Unwin


David works at the Norwood NHS Surgery in Southport near Liverpool, UK where he has helped care for a practice of 9700 people since 1986 as a family doctor. For the past few years, he has been a UK Royal College of General Practitioners expert clinical advisor on diabetes.

David's work has been covered by both BBC, C4 & C5 television, The New Scientist, The Times, The Daily Mail and The British Medical Journal. As @lowcarbGP he has 104,000 followers on X: