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Dementia in Māori - optimising care

Understanding and incorporating Māori world views of health care in a dementia setting with inclusive development of pathways promotes a Māori responsive approach. Dr Makarena Dudley will discuss her recent research into constructs of Mate ware ware (becoming forgetful and unwell) from a Māori understanding of dementia.

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  1. Dementia care for Māori
  2. Dementia
  3. Dementia:Te Ao Māori by Margaret Dudley


Dr Makarena Dudley


Dr Makarena Dudley is a psychologist who works at the University of Auckland. She teaches cultural competence and co-ordinates cultural input on the Clinical Psychology doctoral programme, also teaching neuropsychology at undergraduate level. She is interested in cognition and the ageing brain, and  lead a large research project to develop a theory and diagnostic tool for dementia in Māori. A strong advocate of increasing Māori workforce capacity in the mental health sector where Māori are disproportionately represented as mental health service users.