Exercise and children - Dan Exeter

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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Dr Dan Exeter talks about exercise and children - how much is too much?

Dan is a sports physican at Axis Sports Medicine in Auckland. He is Medical Director for Athletics New Zealand and was one of the doctors with the NZ team at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. He also has a senior lecturer role at the University of Auckland.




  • What are the current exercise guidelines for children?
  • When does exercise become harmful?
  • Is early specialisation in a single sport recommended? What age should this occur or is variety important.
  • What age is it safe for a child to lift weights? What load is appropriate and how do we give advice on this?
  • What are the stress or overuse injuries you see in children?
  • When should we refer? What are the red flags?
  • What simple advise should we be giving our children to prevent these injuries?


Take home messages

  • Exercise is great for children and to be encouraged.
  • Dont forget the role of play.
  • Take care with the volume of sport, especiallay round age 11.5 for girls and 13.5 for boys.
  • Choosing a sungle sport before the age of 12-14 is bad - overuse injuries.
  • Children arent small adults, they get child-specific injuries.





Sport and Exercise Physician


Dan has active research interests in the areas of injury prevention and cardiac screening of athletes. His Master's degree investigated ECG screening of athletes and is also a reviewer for Heart journal in this field.

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