Eye trauma

Date Published: 
Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Ophthalmologist Dr Rachael Niederer discusses dealing with eye trauma in general practice.



00:57 How common is eye trauma?
01:41 What questions to ask
02:48 Patient examination
04:26 Case 1 foreign body
06:36 Case 2 penetrating injury
08:44 Case 3 chemical splash
11:48 Case 4 blunt trauma
14:17 Case 5 corneal abrasion (contact lens)
16:41 Patients who present much later
18:22 Sympathetic ophthalmitis
20:07 Take-home messages


Take-home messages

  • Trauma to the eye is really common.
  • Take a really good history and check vision properly.
  • Chemical burn: irrigate first ask questions later.
  • With severe trauma, complications can present years later.
  • Be very careful about red eye in the good eye if there has been severe trauma.


Rachael Niederer
Senior Medical Ophthalmologist

Rachael is a senior medical opthalmologist at Greenlane Clinical Centre, the RANZCO College Representative for Auckland Ophthalmology trainees, and a senior lecturer at the University of Auckland.

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