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Surgical management for primary care

The Auckland Faculty of the RNZCGP and Goodfellow Unit presented this one-day surgical update covering ophthalmology, general and vascular surgery, a large ORL component, neurosurgery and urology.

The aim is to provide clinical updates and guidance supporting excellence in practice, on  common conditions and potentially serious conditions that are seen in general practice.


8.00-8.30am Registrations
8.30-8.35 Mihi whakatau with Mr Te Teira
8.35-8.40 Housekeeping  
  Opthalmology                                                         Sivasuthan Kanapathippillai
8.40-8.45 Chalazion  
8.45-8.55 Flashers and floaters  
8.55-9.05 The red eye  
9.05-9.10 Questions  
  General surgery                                                     Chair: Magdalena Biggar
9.10-9.20 Hernia David Moss
9.20-9.30 Lumps & bumps & lymph nodes Matthew Clark
9.30-9.40 Bariatric surgery Jon Morrow
9.40-9.55 Breast Sandhya Pillai
9.55-10.10 Vascular Dave Adams
10.10-10.25 Proctology Lincoln Israel
10.25-10.35 Questions  
10.35-10.50 Morning tea
  ORL                                                                              Chair: Subhaschandra Shetty
10.50-11.05 Management and referral of obstructive salivary disease Ahmad Zahoor
11.05-11.20 Chronic rhino-sinusitis Salil Nair
11.20-11.30 Musculoskeletal examination of head and neck Jim Bartley
11.30-11.40 Surgical management of OSA Francis Hall
11.40-11.55 Acute hearing loss - assessment and referral Michel Neeff
11.55-12.10 Current management of  thyroid nodules and differentiated thyroid cancer John Chaplin
12.10-12.25 Telehealth in ORL or “TeleORL” David Grayson
12.25-12.40 Dysphonia: risk factors and when to refer Randall Morton
12.40-12.50 Questions  
12.50 -1.30 Lunch
  Neurosurgery                                                                Andrew Lim
1.30-1.40 Trigemnial neuralgia  
1.40-1.50 Acute onset headache  
1.50-2.05 A guide to the neuro exam  
2.05-2.20 Brain tumours  
2.20-2.30 Cervical spine surgery  
  Urology                                                                         Andrew Lienert/Simon Van Rij
2.30-2.40 Lower urinary tract symptoms  
2.40-2.50 Urinary tract infections  
2.50-3.00 Prostate cancer / PSA  
3.00-3.10 Renal stones  
3.10-3.20 Hematuria  
3.20-3.30 Scrotal / penile pathology  
3.35-3.40 Questions