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Winter therapeutics: COVID-19 and other respiratory infections

The 2022 winter is going to be challenging for primary care, with COVID-19 in the community, as well as other seasonal respiratory infections.

This webinar will focus on the latest winter modelling for COVID-19 and other respiratory infections and what therapeutics to consider and when. The panel will provide practical advice and tips for COVID-19, flu, RSV and strep throat management.

The Northern Region Health Coordination Centre Panel

  • Andrew Old, Public Health Physician
  • Anthony Jordan, NRHCC's Associate Chief Clinical Officer and Clinical Director for the COVID-19 vaccination programme
  • Christine McIntosh, GP and clinical director for the NRHCC’s ‘Whanau HQ - Care in the Community’ programme
  • Adrian Trenholme, Honorary Senior Lecturer in Paediatrics, Child and Youth Health at the University of Auckland
  • Michael Maze, Respiratory and Infectious Disease Physician