HEEADSSS in five minutes

Date Published: 
Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Dame Sue Bagshaw discusses completing a HEEADSSS assessment in a short period of time. What to include, what to exclude and how to build rapport in a consultation.



  • 00:51 The HEEADSSS assessment tool
  • 14:34 Confidentiality and youth
  • 22:43 strength-based approach
  • 25:41 when something comes up
  • 27:30 getting parents out the room
  • 31:41 what do we do now? Motivational interviewing.
  • 34:33 Take-home messages


Take-home messages

  • Realise young people are still developing.
  • Talk to young people at the level they are at.
  • Most importantly, don't talk down.
  • Make it a conversation and listen.




Dame Sue Bagshaw
Primary care doctor and senior lecturer

Dame Sue Bagshaw works as a primary care doctor specialising in adolescent/youth health at a one-stop community youth health centre for 10-25-year-olds, which she helped to set up. She is a senior lecturer in adolescent health in the Department of Paediatrics at the Christchurch School of Medicine. She spent 20 years working for the Family Planning Association in Christchurch and ten years working part-time on the Methadone programme in Christchurch: which is why she has interests in common with young people – sex, drugs and rock 'n roll!

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