Immune checkpoint inhibitors - Rosalie Stephens

Date Published: 
Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Rosalie Stephens talks about immune checkpoint inhibitors; a new cancer treatment. Rosalie is a medical oncologist specialising in the treatment of patients with melanoma, breast and gynaecological cancers. Rosalie works at Auckland Hospital and is also at the New Zealand melanoma unit in Takapuna.




  • The new class of drugs and which are available in New Zealand.
  • How do these new drugs work?
  • What are the current indications for the immune checkpoint inhibitors?
  • What adverse effects should we be looking for?
  • Keytruda and its treatment for melanoma.


Take home messages

  • These drugs are having a big impact already.
  • Most success has been in advanced melanoma.
  • The drugs are mostly well tolerated.
  • Red flags are anything neurological, diarrhoea, dry cough, shortness of breath.





Rosalie Stephens
Medical Oncologist

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