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Lifestyle medicine

Dr Zuzana Wheeler discusses lifestyle medicine, what it is and if it has a place in our fifteen-minute consultations.


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Dr Zuzana Wheeler

General Practitioner & Lifestyle Medicine Physician

Zuzana is originally from Slovakia but has called Aotearoa her home for almost 20 years. She graduated in medicine from the University of Otago in 2009. Since then she has continuously practiced in NZ and Australia.
Initially, she trained in psychiatry but left the field because she was finding that it was too focused on pharmacological management, with little emphasis and time for the “whole-person” and their environment. She switched to general practice, as she believed that as a GP she was better positioned to deliver more preventative and holistic care. During this time she developed a passion for treating lifestyle related chronic disease.
She is an International Board Certified Lifestyle Medicine Physician and opened her own lifestyle medicine clinic, ZIVIO HEALTH, in Dunedin in February 2021. She is now solely focusing on preventing, treating and reversing chronic disease and promoting wellbeing.