Menopause - Anna Fenton

Date Published: 
Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Anna Fenton discusses the management of menopause. Anna is a gynaecological endocrinologist at Canterbury DHB where she is clinical lead for bone densitometry. She is a member of the pharmacology and therapeutic advisory committee for endocrinology and is past president of the Australasian Menopause Society.




  • What symptoms might I experience?
  • How will this affect my health?
  • Cold you check my hormone levels?
  • Symptoms are impacting negatively on my sex life, what can we do?
  • I haven’t had a period for a year, do I still need to use contraception?
  • I’m worried about brittle bones, what lifestyle advice can you give me?
  • How do I reduce my hot flushes?
  • Is HRT safe to use?
  • What are body identical hormones?
  • Can menopause be a positive experience?


Take home messages

  • Can actually be a positive and empowering time in a women’s life.
  • Focus on the positives things that can come out of this time.





Anna Fenton
Gynaecological Endocrinologist

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