Salivary gland conditions

Date Published: 
Tuesday, May 17, 2022

In this episode Kevin Smith discusses conditions that affect the salivary glands.



  • 00:01 Intro
  • 00:47 salivary gland anatomy
  • 02:23 most important questions to ask
  • 05:35 examination
  • 08:53 case 1: Salivary stones
  • 10:01 are some glands affected more
  • 12:21 why are some people affect more by stones
  • 13:49 investigations
  • 18:07 referral/management
  • 23:48 other causes.  Acute/chronic pathologies
  • 32:04 case 2: Salivary tumours
  • 38:00 red flags
  • 43:19 take-home messages


Take-home messages

  • Remember the mealtime syndrome: Swelling, pain, recurrence over time.
  • Practice environment – Sialendoscopy access – refer accordingly.
  • Most tumours are benign. They should all be referred for specialist assessment.
  • Ultrasound is an excellent initial screening tool.
  • Red flags are key: Pain, cranial nerve disturbance.
  • Never forget about skin cancer.




Kevin Smith
Head and Neck Surgeon

Kevin is a head and neck surgeon at MercyAscot with expertise in: Head and Neck Surgery, Mouth and Skin Cancers, Otorhinolaryngology, Salivary Gland Pathology, Thyroid and Neck Lumps.


This episode is supported by an educational grant from MercyAscot.

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