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Syphilis in New Zealand

Massimo Giolo talks about the re-emergence of syphilis in NZ.  Massimo is a Consultant Physician working at Bay of Plenty DHB, with specialist training in infectious disease medicine as well as sexual health.

Over recent years there has been a progressive increase in syphilis, both within New Zealand and internationally. This increase is being seen across all age groups, ethnicities, and most regions in New Zealand.

The number of cases of syphilis has more than doubled between 2015 and 2017. Increasing testing is crucial to interrupt the spread of syphilis and to reduce the risk of long-term effects from undiagnosed syphilis.


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  1. NZ Sexual Health Clinics
  2. Syphilis case definition and notification forms
  3. Just the Facts website

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Massimo Giola

Consultant Physician

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