Transgender health and puberty suppression

Date Published: 
Wednesday, January 27, 2021

In this first of two episodes, Dr Rona Carroll discusses the physical aspects of managing the transgender patient (Taha tinana), including transgender physical health and management up to puberty suppression.



  • 01:37 Discussing transition goals
  • 02:58 Informed consent, is primary care the right place to be completing consent?
  • 05:56 General healthcare of transgender patients
  • 09:01 Fertility preservation and contraception
  • 10:37 Hormones and sportspeople.
  • 11:25 Puberty suppression w GNRH agonists
  • 13:28 Can these drugs be commenced in primary care?
  • 14:21 What about genital affirming surgery?
  • 14:53 What are the goals of treatment?

Take-home messages

  • Listen to your patient. They are the expert in their gender identity and needs.
  • Think about changes you can make as a practice, both in your clinic environment and in knowledge and awareness amongst all staff to ensure you create accessible, welcoming, and affirmative environments for your gender diverse patients.
  • Don’t make assumptions about someone’s gender or sexuality, use gender-neutral terms until you know and use peoples correct names and pronouns.
  • Don’t forget contraception and cancer screening.
  • Remember that parents of transgender children need support.
  • Be an ally and an advocate for your patient.





Dr Rona Carroll
General Practitioner

Dr Rona Carroll is a specialist GP working in a student health service and a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Primary Health Care and General Practice at the University of Otago, Wellington. She has a special interest in transgender healthcare and is a member of the Professional Association for Transgender Health Aotearoa (PATHA) education committee. Rona provides gender-affirming hormone therapy to trans and non-binary patients and is interested in educating medical students and health practitioners in this area.

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