Urinary incontinence in older women

Date Published: 
Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Dr Lucy Fergus discusses urinary incontinence in the older women, focussing on the 80+ years. Lucy is a Geriatrician and Medical Director for Older Persons Health, Rehabilitation and Allied Health Services, Hawkes Bay Hospital. She also works privately at aging well- and offers private geriatric consultations.



  • Does the definition differ in this population?
  • How do you see women presenting?
  • Key questions that you ask when taking a history?
  • Polypharmacy in this group.
  • Red flags and urgent referral.
  • What examination should we be performing in our rooms?
  • Are bladder diaries useful?
  • General advice for the older woman.
  • Stress incontinence.
  • Urgency and OAB.


Take home messages

  • Ask about urinary incontinence.
  • Have a good approach to diagnosis.
  • Think about cognition and mobility.
  • Ask about constipation.
  • Care with new meds (esp. anti cholinergics - if using monitor carefully).





Dr Lucy Fergus

To contact Lucy Click here.




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