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The power of fierce compassion

The power of fierce compassion

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"What happens when there’s no more room to work harder?"

This talk is an introduction to Fierce Compassion. Psychologists have understood that compassion can improve our physiological responses to stress and lead to improved wellbeing, and sense of social connection for decades. Yet compassion is frequently misunderstood as being endlessly patient, kind and nice - ‘Fierce’ highlights the strength that true compassion takes.  

  • Learn about the neuropsychology of compassion - what is happening in our bodies and minds
  • Practise how to work with our internal emotional regulation systems to increase our compassion capacity
  • Reflect on the dynamic dance between compassion for others and self-compassion in a medical setting
  • Explore both theory and a short Fierce Compassion reflective practice that you can use straight away to rebalance yourself in the busyness of everyday life