Be careful about mental health labelling

Date Published: 
Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Dr Bruce Arroll talks about the distressed patient and taking care when making a diagnosis. Bruce is a Professor in the Department of General Practice and Primary Care at the University of Auckland.




  • Addressing symptoms rather than applying a label in the first consultation.
  • Often patients have applied a label to themselves. How do we avoid feeding into this ourselves?
  • Talk first, prescribe later!
  • Activity scheduling and behavioural activation
  • Scheduling sleep
  • Meditation and mindfulness
  • Exercising earlier in the day
  • Considering nutrition
  • Sunshine hours
  • Medications - is each new drug less effective?
  • Effects of early childhood trauma
  • Addressing inequity in mental health.


Take home messages

  • Avoid making mental health diagnosis at the first visit.
  • Behavioural activation is the cornerstone of good management (sleep, exercise, diet, mindfulness)
  • Medications such as SSRI are not without issue
  • Inequity is problematic in this arena.





Dr Bruce Arroll
General Practitioner

To contact Bruce Click here.




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