Diabetes Diagnosis - Tim Kenealy

Date Published: 
Sunday, February 5, 2017

Dr Timothy Kenealy talks about diagnosing diabetes in primary care. Tim was a GP in South Auckland for 25 years and is an associate professor of integrated care at the University of Auckland. One of his main research interests is in diabetes in primary care.


  • Why is important that primary care practitioners screen people for diabetes.
  • Could we do better?
  • Strategies to overcome barriers in diagnosing diabetes.
  • Advantages of HbA1c diagnostic test
  • Can there be concerns in the validity of HbA1c tests?
  • Which groups of patients to screen and when
  • Specific symptoms to prompt an HbA1c test
  • Pitfalls when interpreting HbA1c test results
  • Clinical profiles associated with Type1 and Type 2 diabetes
  • When to consider the possibility of monogenic diabetes
  • Latest research in diabetes diagnosis
  • Take home messages


Timothy Kenealy
Associate Professor

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