Last days of life

Date Published: 
Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Kate Grundy discusses Te-ara-whakapiri - symptom management in the last days of life.



  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:57 Te Ara Whakapiri- the unifying path
  • 03:32 Holistic approach
  • 05:18 Anticipatory flow charts and care plans
  • 15:28 Addressing breathlessness
  • 20:41 Additional flowcharts (diagnosing dying)
  • 26:50 Managing a covid patient
  • 29:53 Advance care planning
  • 33:38 Take home messages


Take-home messages

  • Diagnosing dying is the first important step in the process.
  • Te-ara-whakapiri provides a holistic frame to guide the practitioner.
  • Care plans and anticipatory flow charts guide you. Prescribe in anticipation to maximise symptom management and comfort.
  • You only get one chance to do dying right- so take the time to do it well.
  • COVID-19 may see you caring for all types of patients in the community. Do your advanced care plan in advance so the patient’s wishes are all ready documented.





Kate Grundy
Palliative care physican

Kate is the Clinical Director of Palliative Care, Christchurch Hospital Palliative Care Service, Honorary Secretary, Australasian Chapter of Palliative Medicine and a Clinical Lecturer, at Christchurch School of Medicine.

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