The Medication Interest Model (MIM)

Date Published: 
Wednesday, February 5, 2020

A discussion with international expert Dr Shawn Shea MD, on the medication interest model (MIM). Shawn is the Director of the Training Institute for Suicide Assessment and Clinical Interviewing. He is the author of numerous articles and seven books, with The Practical Art of Suicide Assessment being viewed as one of the classic texts in the field of suicidology.



  • Medical adherence
  • Techniques for achieving positive outcomes and enhancing compliance
  • Are patients really non-compliant? Or is there more at play?
  • motivational interviewing, a clinicians language and the relationship
  • How do patients decide to take a medication?
  • The choice triad


Take home messages

  • Step 1 - Is there really something wrong?
  • Step 2 - Can a medication help me?
  • Step 3 - Do the pros outweigh the cons?





Dr Shawn Shea
suicide prevention & clinical interviewing expert

To contact Shawn Click here.



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