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Methamphetamine - Case-based discussions

Dr Vicki Macfarlane talks about methamphetamine use in New Zealand. Vicki worked as a GP for over 19 years in a diverse range of practices before starting her work as an addiction specialist at CADS in Auckland. Her current role is as clinical lead of the detoxification service in Auckland.


  • 39 year old Māori male who reports left sided chest pain, present for the last two hours, constant and associated with shortness of breath. Has a history of hypertension and two previous visits to ED with similar chest pain.
  • 25 year old male reports being spied on by gang members, and is having hallucinations and is asking for medication.
  • 24 year old female who is 24 weeks pregnant in her first pregnancy and has been referred by her midwife after disclosing she is taking methamphetamine.
  • 35 year old male, requesting advice on withdrawal from meth. He has been using ½ - 1 gram intravenously 3-4 times a week.
  • Parents of a 28 year old male, requesting advice for compulsory treatment for their son who using methamphetamine and is at significant risk of harm.


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Vici Macfarlane

Addiction specialist

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