Mindfulness - Joel Levey

Date Published: 
Monday, November 23, 2015

Joel Levey a mindfulness pioneer explores practices and techniques of mindfulness with Prof Bruce Arroll on his recent trip to New Zealand.


  • What is mindfulness
  • Why mindfulness is growing
  • Trends in mindfulness globally
  • Mindfulness in healthcare settings
  • Case study - Mindfulness treatment
  • Placing mindfulness in the patients context
  • Techniques in the "mindfulverse" (Schools, practices and techniques of mindfulness explored)
  • Mindfulness with the NHS in the UK
  • Mindfulness review
  • Introductory exercise for those who are new to mindfulness practice
  • Resources and research to support mindfulness practice

Wisdom at Work website click here

British parliament - www.themindfulnessinitiative.org.uk


Joel and Michelle Levey
Mindfulness Pioneers

To find out more about Joel and Michelle Click here.

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