Date Published: 
Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Dr Julia Scott a Sexual Health Physician and Public Health Medical Officer, and Dr Gary McAuliffe a Clinical Microbiologist and Virologist discuss the recent monkeypox (MPX) outbreak.



00:01 intro
00:59 case study Bob
01:23 what do we need to know about Bob?
04:28 incubation period for MPX
05:05 examination; can we bring Bob into the clinic?
06:12 do we need to wear PPE?
07:14 key parts of the examination
10:16  what investigations to order
13:45 classification of MPX
16:35 can Bob safely return to his flat?
17:17 how long is Bob infectious? What advice to give
19:25 contact with pets
20:07 MPX and pregnancy
21:25 patient management
22:53 types of vaccination
24:05 oversees vaccination picture
25:42 public health notification and patient privacy
26:57 are we contact tracing for MPX
28:50 prognosis and possible complications
31:08 other considerations, additional STI testing
32:04 take-home messages


Take-home messages

  • There is a global monkeypox outbreak with cases at the moment primarily occurring in gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men (GBMSM).
  • Monkeypox is transmitted by very close contact, skin to skin, kissing, contact with infected linen, and most cases in this outbreak have been sexually transmitted.
  • Suspect monkeypox in GBMSM with skin lesions (genital, perianal, oral, or generalised), especially if they have been overseas and/or attended a festival.
  • Call the medical officer of health and microbiologist if you suspect monkeypox, to organise testing and follow up.
  • Monkeypox is usually a mild to moderate self-limiting illness which resolves in 2-4 weeks but can be very painful and complications are possible. Treatment is supportive.
  • People are infectious from the onset of symptoms until after the skin lesions have crusted over and scabs have fallen off, and need to isolate during this time.



Julia Scott
Sexual Health Physician

Dr Julia Scott (BHB MBChB DipPaed MPH FAChSHM FRNZCGP) is a Public Health Medical Officer with Health Intelligence Group.

Gary McAuliffe
Clinical Microbiologist

Dr Gary McAuliffe is a Clinical Microbiologist and Virologist who works at Te Toka Tumai (Auckland) and has an interest in diagnosis of sexually transmitted infections.

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