Optimisation of care of older patients

Date Published: 
Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Lucy Fergus talks about optimisation of care in our older patients. Lucy is a Geriatrician and medical director for older person’s health, rehabilitation and allied services at Hawkes Bay Hospital.



  • How important is the assessment of frailty?
  • How do we assess frailty.
  • Holistic care in an older person, covering all dimensions.
  • What areas of care are often neglected in this age group.
  • Equity in healthcare for this age group.
  • Advice on areas of health vulnerability.
  • When to have end of life discussions.
  • Who should we refer to?

Take home messages

  • Think about clinical frailty score.
  • Earlier referral to help maintain independence.
  • Think of wider dimensions of health.
  • Think of those who may have difficulties accessing healthcare.
  • Have end-of-life discussions early.




Lucy Fergus

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