Oral cancer - Kevin Smith

Date Published: 
Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Kevin Smith talks about oral cancer in primary care. Kevin is a head neck and thyroid surgeon at North Shore Hospital. He is a member of the Auckland head and neck cancer multi-disciplinary team and MercyAscot's head and neck service.



  • Differentials to consider with oral lesions
  • Key questions to ask
  • Examination, what to look out for
  • Red flags, when to refer
  • Explaining the specialist assessment to patients
  • What increases an individual’s risk?
  • Is the demographic changing?
  • Any impact of hpv vaccinations on oral cancers?
  • Preventative health messages

Take home messages

  • Maintain high index of suspicion.
  • Smoking and alcohol are still the most common risk factors.
  • Advocate smoking cessation and alcohol counselling and regular dentist visits.

Clinician resources

  • Common Tongue Conditions in Primary Care (click here)
  • Common Oral Lesions: Part I. Superficial Mucosal Lesions (click here)
  • Common Oral Lesions: Part II. Masses and Neoplasia WANDA C. (click here)



Kevin Smith

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